What's My Why?

Your REAL Estate Professional

I was born and raised in small-town Oklahoma (in the same house!) until I graduated high school. Then I became an adult, and the "real world" relocated my family several times to follow my husband's career path. Although we've finally landed back in my home state of Oklahoma, I still remember how stressful, confusing, and exhausting the home-buying and selling processes can be! 

After working in K-12 education for over 10 years, I've brought my Instructional Technology skills and background to Real Estate so that I can help individuals and families be as comfortable as possible with buying or selling their homes! I want to give you the level of service I wish I'd gotten in some of my own personal experiences.

Let's face it, life doesn't stop for you to focus all your efforts on negotiating a real estate transaction! Having been on that side of the process several times in my own life, I know what you're going through! That's why I have a passion for "keeping it REAL" with my clients, giving them the personalized attention they deserve. I'll provide you with realistic scenarios, and we'll meet your goals together. 


I'll walk the dog while your home is shown because you can't run home from work. I'll do the legwork to locate that mysterious missing document that is definitely here, somewhere. I'll do all the marketing and research for you! I'll use tools like digital signing because you can't miss your child's big game or that important meeting to run all over completing paperwork.

Most importantly, I'll help you focus on the FUN parts of making these moves in life, having FAITH in the greater plan, building new friendships, and sharing in worthwhile experiences with each other!